5 Best Steps to a Distraction Free WordPress Blog

The primary objective of a blog is to provide readers with valuable and informative content. Blog owners do like to have more number of visitors on his blog. Yet we find some WordPress blogs are crowded with shiny and fancy things that people are least interested and the biggest of them is the forceful amount of ads which does nothing but to increase the page load time of a blog. Isn’t that so? Just like other distractions, ads also make a blog to look simply cluttered and messy. As a result of which it simply increases the page load time of a blog.


Hence, some of the simple tips and guidelines are discussed that would simply lead your blog to be a clutter free one and it would also enable your visitors to concentrate more on your valuable content for a much longer time.


Make your Sidebar Clean

It is more important to have the essential widgets on the sidebar of your blog and not to keep unnecessary widgets on the sidebar such as ads, banners and blogrolls which would simply do nothing but to make your blog more complicated and clumsy. It would also lead to increase the page load time of your blog.


Clean the Header portion of your Blog

Does your blog logo looks too small after the dashing banner that flashes out in the header of your blog? If this is the same condition with your blog too, then you need to remember that a blog logo plays an important role and you need to clean up the header portion of your blog too so that it looks clean and tidy. That is in fact important for your blog too. Well, if you think that your articles are quite informative and your blog is truly an interesting place to stay in, then you would redirect all your valuable visitors through Adsense for the sake of some cents and bucks. Isn’t that sounds logical? If you listen to my words, then it is always better to clean up the header portion of your blog so that your readers can concentrate more on your valuable content for a much longer time.


Write for your Readers and not for the Search Engines

This is also true and you need to concentrate as a bloggers. Cleaning up your content is important for your readers to get valuable information from it. It is always better to craft the content for your readers and not for the search engines. Hitting straight to the point is what most bloggers like and they would love to get more informative content from it. Hence, more number of visitors would stay on your blog for a much longer time.


Say a Strict “No” to Pop-ups

Pop-ups often divert your readers mind and they simply could not concentrate on the content that your blog is bearing. This is infact bad and many of your reader’s minds might get distracted due to the sudden pop-ups that blow up in your blog. So, make a stop to all pop-ups and get rid of that. A blog without the hassle of pop-ups would make it more distraction free and people would surely love to go through the content even more. More and more number of visitors would also stay at your blog for a longer time.


Opt for Clutter-free minimalist Theme

Finally, if you want your blog to go for a clutter free environment, then obviously it is always better to opt for clutter free environment for your blog. Therefore, it is always suggested to use minimalist responsive theme for your wordpress blog. Its state that over 60% of the web users use smart phones and tablets to browse contents these days, buy products etc and we should design our website compatible with mobile and handheld devices help readers to access the whole website without scrolling it to left to right and top to bottom.


Thus, following these 5 simple and easy steps would definitely help your blog even more to be more clutter free and your visitors would simply enjoy it. They would love to go through your content and also would stay at your blog for a much longer time. Isn’t that helpful for your blog? Therefore it is always suggested to all bloggers to opt for these five simple steps and make your blogging platform the BEST one!!



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