Top 5 MS Office Password Recovery Tools

Very few users of Microsoft Office software knows that they can put a lock over any file in order to protect that from outsiders or others people. If you don’t want to share any Office file with any other than you then you can put a password lock on that particular file.

But what if you forget the password? It can happen because these days we generally use lots of websites and tools in which we keep our things secure via password and it is not comfortable for us to remember one more password again.

MS Office Password Recovery Tools

So if you’ve putted password on any word or excel or any other office file and now don’t remember the password on in other case you got a file locked then you can try out following top 5 MS office password recovery tools or softwares.

5 MS Office Password Recovery

These following tools or softwares are available over the internet. Few are free to download but few provide better security features and for that they charge some money. So check out the list down here of top 5 MS Office password recovery tools.

Accent Office Password Recovery

This software searches for the forgotten password very fast. According to the developers its speed is 60 times faster than any other password recovery softwares.

It supports the Office 96 to Office 2013 that means you can crack down password of any office version file. The reviews and ratings this tool is receiving since it is made available for use to users are really impressive that’s why I placed it on the top here. [Download]

Free Word Excel and Password Recovery Wizard

Another password cracking software for Microsoft Office files like Word or Excel. There is one serious limitation with this tool which forced me to keep it down at second position otherwise all other features are very impressive and simple.

The limitation is that it is capable of cracking passwords of only simple English i.e. password combination of English alphabets, no numbers no special characters. But still you can give it a try if you remember that your password was very simple. [Download]

Advanced Office Password Breaker

As its name says, “advanced” so this software is very advance in cracking passwords but this software doesn’t guarantee this. It may crack down the password easily and if not then nothing can be done.

It is capable of cracking down complex passwords as well if everything goes right as per its requirements. You can try it for free but to get advance features you need to buy a license key. [Download]

Office Password Recovery Magic

This software supports recovering of password of MS Office files till 2007 version. But if you using the 2007 or any previous version of the MS Office then you can try it out to crack down the forgotten password.

It can recover the read only passwords as well of all office files but you need to buy the license key to get complete list of features enable. [Download]

Excel Password Recovery Key

If you have little bit of free time and want to recover password by manually trying then try this software. The UI of the software is excellent and its functioning is also great.

The only limitation is that you need to buy it to get full hands on all of its features but still very impressive password recovery software for MS Office. [Download]

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