Best Free Alternative Apps for Default SMS Android App

Messaging is getting very common or widely used feature when it comes to smartphones and Android is the leading operating system in smartphone section. Now the messaging app which comes by default in android is elegant but doesn’t have features which we experience in other messaging apps like WhatsApp, hike, etc.

As you owning an android smartphone that features complete customization so why can’t you customize the messaging app?

Free Alternative Apps for Default SMS Android App

Yes, it is possible and there are lots of free apps available on the official GooglePlay store which will take position of default android messaging app on your android smartphone. You need to download and install them, that’s it!

I‘m here with the review of best free alternative apps for default SMS android app. You can try any of these free apps to customize messaging app on your android smartphone.


I used this free app in replacement of default android messaging app and found every dose in right amount. All the features were looking great and attracting because of its elegant user interface.

You can customize settings for particular contacts and even the notifications. It offers quick auto reply and you can even protect SMS from particular contacts, so it comes with privacy feature too.


The best feature of this app is that you can block SMS based on contact and even via keywords. So you can block incoming advertisement messages easily. Off course it features lots of smiley. [Download]

Handcent SMS

Handcent SMS is another free app which is very much popular one among all the android smartphone users. This app has got lots of elements and vibrant colors in the UI but I didn’t like the UI because it wasn’t elegant.

But this app has got lots of features to talk about and which is making it the most popular one. You can even track your friend’s location using the Handcent’s Contact Locator plugin feature. It supports about 20 languages which is again the reason behind its popularity.

It features lots of customization designs and also features lots of tweaks for MMS. It even allows users to take backup of all your SMS and SMS settings. You can send contact via vCards and this app also let you send ecards. [Download]

chomp SMS

Next free messaging app to talk about is the chomp SMS. This app features very elegant UI that looks very professional and it took me at its UI.

It offers LED notifications, a wide collection of smiley or graphics, font types and lots of themes or wallpapers. It offers customization of background wallpaper as well.

chomp SMS

This app allows blocking of friends or a SMS/MMS from a particular contact and you can even lock out SMS/MMS from a particular contact.

Another great feature to talk about this app is that it allows you to send SMS from anywhere. You can send SMS in between playing any game or running another app as this app creates popup. When you’re new to app it also shows help texts to let you know about a particular feature/option. [Download]

So folks, convinced or not? Going for any of these free alternative apps for default SMS android app or not?

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