Nexus 7 with Full HD Display to Be Announced @ Google I/O

Nexus 7 is already competing with all major 7 inch display tablets. It is even competing well in front of iPad mini because of its features, customization and off course the cheaper price than of iPad mini. People who purchased Nexus 7 are all satisfied till now as they got latest android version with all features and apps from official Google.

Nexus 7 Popularity

Apple last year announced the compact version of their iPad that was announced as iPad mini but it was not having Retina display and was also running on previous A5 chipset. No doubt the reviews iPad mini got were all good but still people went for Nexus 7 due to following factors.

Nexus 7 Popularity

  1. Faster processor
  2. Google’s official apps
  3. Latest android version
  4. Comfortable size
  5. Cheap price

Rumors are going now that Apple is into production of iPad mini 2 with Retina display but still most people are excited to know about next Nexus 7 version.

Google I/O is going to start now and next Nexus 7 will be announcing in that. This new Nexus 7 will have full HD resolution display and will be powered up by quad core processor inside. So, I’m referring next Nexus 7 as Nexus 7 HD.

Google is already selling 16 and 32GB internal storage version of Nexus 7 and the Nexus 7 HD will also feature 16 and 32GB but it is expected that Google will provide 64GB version too. It won’t have option to expand storage option and it will be good.

Nexus 7 HD Specifications

The 7 inch display will feature 1980×1200 pixels resolution on which full HD videos can be played comfortably. Processor inside will feature four cores and it will be having Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 Pro tag on it. Next new feature is the wireless charging i.e. Qi Wireless charging.

Nexus 7 HD @ Google I/O 2013

Coming to the operating system section, it will feature Android Jelly Bean 4.x (probably above 4.2.x) operating system as till now there are no announcement done yet regarding Key Lime Pie which is next android version (5.0). Google will announce Android 5.0 with Nexus smartphone not the Nexus tablet.

There will be Google Now integration within the Nexus 7 HD tablet and also feature all Jelly Bean features. Coming to optics, it will feature 5MP camera sensor at rear and will also have HD camera sensor at front.

Nexus 7 HD Price

Google will continue providing Nexus tablets at cheaper price and it is expected that Nexus 7 HD price is going to be around $199. Exact price of this Nexus 7 tablet with full HD display is to be confirmed with the launch event.

Nexus 7 tablet has already got a good design but Google must have tried to provide more better look and comfortable grip. Let’s see what Google I/O brings into the Nexus 7 HD. Stay tuned for more updates.

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