Photoshop CS6 Shortcuts and Tricks

In today’s world Photoshop is one of the most preferred tools for web designers, and It is been used over and over again by the web designers. By using short cut keys it’s important to optimize one’s workflow. So the people of Zero Lag have put in a super handy Photoshop CS6 cheat sheet exclusively for WDL.


These are the steps to read the keyboard shortcut keys



Photoshop Tool Shortcut is grey text and Action Shortcut is blue text

Photoshop Tool Shortcut (grey text) or Action Shortcut (blue text) are been looked for that you want to perform on the keyboard. Press on the corresponding key to use Photoshop Tool Shortcut .Then if we want to use Action Shortcut that is blue text, then hold down to Command key and press on to Action Shortcut key to indicate   the blue text. Photographers often use Photoshop to get their photos edited. But this software is a bit time consuming especially for those who are beginners. There are different tools that can be used with Photoshop and jumping from 1 tool to the next one is what would be time consuming for most of the times. There are about 45 exceptionally useful Photoshop shortcuts that will bypass all those mouse clicks, and it will even eliminate the need to switch tools as this will make photo editing a lot more convenient for the people especially the beginners. There are many shortcuts that are been provided but they at times can be a bit overwhelming. They can be a difficulty in memorizing all of them. If there is a need to remember all of them, you can make a chart so that you can easily remember what shortcuts are to be used.

There are many shortcuts which save time in toggling windows and tools in Photoshop. This makes us easy to focus on your job. It’s not easy to memorize all these shortcuts but it can be easy only when we use them all the time especially the ones we use the most and can remember them by heart. There are many useful shortcuts that we can use with the Photoshop software .But among all these 45 ones which are listed above are the most useful execution shortcuts around.  It’s possible to memorize all the shortcuts but most likely we won’t be able to memorize. These shortcuts may seem to be simple but they are much complicated .They are been programmed into the system to give the users its ease of how to use and manage it. By focusing on the actual editing of the photographs we will get much better result at the same time and can improve the performance.

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