SEO Jargon Explained – The Most Commonly Used Link Building Word

Working with an SEO company can be quite a hassle. You might be up for a challenge to understand what the techies are talking about. Look out for companies that like to keep you in the dark by using a lot of jargon. Let them explain how they can help your company in detail. After hearing a lot of geeky words your view of how they can help your business might have become blurred. Let’s avoid this by having a look at the most commonly used SEO words and their meanings.

SEO                            Link building                        Page rank

Landing page           Relevant links         Guest blogging

Above the fold          One way links          Link exchange

Traffic                         Deep linking                        Link farm



Search Engine Optimization

The abbreviation ‘SEO’ has been used a bunch of times already. But what does this actually stand for and what does it mean? SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the practice of making someone’s website search engine friendly so that it ranks higher on the search engine results page. When a website is optimized, search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo will find it more easily. Google is by far the most important search engine as more than 90 per cent of all search queries are conducted using their search bar.

Effective SEO Tools for Bloggers

The website

When you click on a link you’ll go to a ‘landing page’. It is the page the link refers to. On the landing page it is very likely to find the most important links near the top of the page. They are ‘above the fold’ which means that you don’t have to scroll down the website to see them. Every webmaster wants a lot of ‘traffic’, which means that a lot of people visit the site and keep coming back. This can be achieved by keeping the ‘content’ fresh and this simply means publishing new articles on the website regularly. When you want your website to rank higher in the Google search engine rankings and generate more traffic you can contact an SEO company and ask them to do link building for you.

Link building

The most important part of the SEO campaign will be ‘link building’. Link building happens when a website publishes a link to your website. The SEO firm will work to make sure that a lot of good websites link to your own site. They will see to it that the website the link is placed on is ‘relevant’. This means that the website shares the same industry as you.

Google gives more importance to links that are in the same niche. These links are ‘one way links’ which means that you gain a link pointing to your website. When someone links to your website they can link to the site homepage but also to a page within the website. This is called ‘deep linking’. Deep linking is a good idea so that links are spread around on your website.

Whether it will be a link to the homepage or a deep link, it is best to have the link to your website come from a website with a high ‘page rank.’ The page rank is a measure of the importance the website has on the internet. The page rank will range from zero to ten. A website with a page rank of six or higher is considered to be an authority. One of the features of these authority sites is that there will be a lot of different websites linking to them.

Guest blogging, forum posts, web directories and link exchanges

As mentioned before, the SEO techies will try to publish links to your website on a bunch of different websites. This can be done through a few different practices. First there is guest blogging. This means that employees at the agency will write articles with the purpose of publishing them on a bunch of different websites.

They will contact webmasters to ask them to publish the article they’ve written. In the articles they will include a link to your website. Another thing they might offer you is forum posts. Forum posts are comments on a post in forums that will include a link to your site. Links and a small description of your site can also be placed in directory entries. With a ‘link exchange’ someone publishes a link to your website and you publish a link to his or her website.

Do it yourself?

Finding the right websites to place your link on is not always easy. Above everything you need to steer clear of what is called ‘link farms’. Link farms are websites that are set up with the sole purpose of having links placed on them. Typically you will see content with too many irrelevant links in them on a page. If your link is found on such a site Google will penalize you for it.

This can result in a drop in page rank or your site may drop in the Google search engine results pages. People that work in SEO constantly need to stay updated with new rules Google introduces to keep the internet as spam free as possible. Everyone can choose to optimize their website by themselves of course. Everything you need to know can be researched on the internet. Generally speaking however, an SEO company will be better up to date with the new rules and will work more effectively. Working to optimize your website is a very time consuming process but if you have a lot of time on your hands you might want to give it a try?



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