How to Take Screenshot in Android Phone

Android smartphones are getting very common these days. According to recent study and report, about 75% of all the smartphones run over the android operating system. This shows how popular android is.

This thing is giving opportunity to lots of people to create tutorials on android problems so to help users and also earn money via internet marketing tweaks. Generally, bloggers are writing blogs on android related tutorials by which they get lots of traffic and that converts into conversions via some internet marketing advertisement campaigns.

But the general problem comes in all these people way is that how to bring unique pictures to users. Most of them record videos as they don’t know how to take screenshot in android phone.

Screenshot in Android Phone

Let me tell you first thing that it is possible to take screenshot in android phone and it is very easy. You can take screenshot from anywhere you’re on your android phone and then you can use all those screenshots to embed between tutorials which you publish on your blog.

There are benefits of taking screenshots and using them on your blog. One benefit is that all the embedded pictures will be unique and users and Google appreciate unique stuff. It also add a sign of trust to the readers that you’ve tried a following task first on your device and then sharing with the world via your blog. So this is how screenshots can help your blog to build a reputed blog.

Take Screenshot On Galaxy S3, S4 and Note series Smartphones

If you own Galaxy S4, S3, Note or Note 2 then you can take screen shots very easily. To take screen shots on any of these devices, follow these steps,

  1. Go to settings and then move into Motion settings.
  2. Now go below, there you’ll find “Hand Motion” option.
  3. Check the option in front of “Palm Swipe to Capture”.
  4. Now go out anywhere and move your hand (palm) as you’re swiping across the screen.

That’s it! Screenshot will be there and you’ll hear a camera click sound.

Take Screenshot On Any Android ICS or Jelly Bean Running Device

If your device is running on android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 or Jelly Bean 4.1 or 4.2 operating system then you can follow the below mention step to take screenshot.

  • Press Power button with Volume down key together until you hear a click or shutter sound.

Once you hear that sound then that means the screenshot have been taken. This method works even on Nexus smartphone and tablet.

Take Screenshot on any Other Android Phone

For all other android devices you need to install some apps that will let you take screenshots comfortably.

Take Screenshot in Android Phone

If you’ve rooted your device then you can install “Screenshot UX” app that will let you take screenshots easily. This app is a paid app but you can try its free trial app in starting.

For any other device which is not rooted, you can install Screenshot Ultimate app that will let you take screenshot in android phone. This app is available for free on the official GooglePlay store and it is worth trying.

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