Top 5 Smart Watches 2013 – Rumors and Reviews

After the smartphones and tablets, now it will be the era of smart watches. Yes, smart as you can think of and these watches will be running on operating systems. This is year is smart watch year as many smart watches will introduced in this year.

Till now we only have android running smart watches but hopefully Apple may introduce iOS running iWatch in the Q3 or Q4 this year.

Now let me take you to the world of smart watches and I’m introducing here the top or best 5 smart watches of 2013.

Google Smartwatch

As people now have started thinking of having smart watches so there are chances that Google will start the production. There are no official announcements yet but there is 99% of probability that Google will start the production soon.

Google Smartwatch

Google Smartwatch will off course run on the Android operating system or Google may use the Chrome OS as well. As nothing is official till now so I don’t have much information for you but can ensure you that it will be the best one in 2013.


Another rumored smart watch that is touching new high this year. People are searching for the day when Apple is going to announce about the iWatch.


As there are lots of smart watches available for android devices so Apple will make their iOS customers happy with an iWatch.

Till now nothing official on the board but it will be the best one and off course the most popular one this year.

Pebble Smart Watch

Now I’ll talk about reality instead of rumors. Pebble was introduced in the CES 2013 and till now it is the best smart watch available for iPhone and android smartphones.

Pebble on Wrist

It’s an E-Paper watch, very light in weight and has lots of features. It keeps record of your cycling, running, you can listen to music, pick up calls, read mail or text, messages from Facebook, see Twitter feed and weather alerts.

All these things will be there on your wrist with the Pebble and off course it will provide you the current time via beautiful dial and you can set the alarms as well (it has vibrate feature).


You can pre order Pebble smart watch in Black, White, red, Grey and Orange color and it will cost you about $150 USD. The best thing about this is that its battery life stays for about 7 days.

Sony Smartwatch

This smart watch is from Sony running on android operating system and having a multi touch 1.3 inch OLED display. The watch is very light weight and it operates with the Bluetooth up to 10m.

Sony Smartwatch

The Smartwatch is proof to dust and water up to 20mm. It has square dial with aluminum case. It has got the USB port for charging.

It will let you listen to favorite music, read emails or texts, make calls, calculator and it will notify via vibrating. It also have social networking integration.

Sony is selling it with black strap at a price of $159.

I’m Watch

I’m watch is really good smart watch but at last as it got lots of features that will consume more battery. It will require recharging at least one time in day and I’m in no mood of putting an extra gadget for you to recharge.

This smart watch is compatible with iOS and Android (4.0 or above) and it has got 1.54 inch TFT multi touch display. It runs on Droid 2 operating system which is a customized version of Android.

I’m Watch

It has got 128MB of RAM and 4GB of internal flash storage. It has got the USB port for charging and Bluetooth for connectivity.

You can make calls, read texts and emails, manage appointments and it alerts you via vibrating for any notification. It has lots of apps and games as well and social integration feature as well.

If you want to know what all things the I’m Watch can do then you must try it out at your nearest store or online.


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