All About Upcoming HTC Windows 8 Tablet [Rumors]

Smartphone and Tablet manufacturers are now very much confident over the success of Windows 8 as tablet operating system. Microsoft has been successful with its Surface tablet experiment that was running Windows 8 operating system.

Windows 8 operating system has already crossed 100 million mark and Microsoft has kept lots of feature identical and sync between PC/laptop OS and tablet OS. This is why people are finding now Windows 8 tablets more useful.

Android is still leading the tablet market share but very soon its share is going to move down because of a rumor which I went through recently. I read somewhere that HTC is going to manufacture Windows 8 running tablet soon and I think HTC is already into manufacturing process. So it is expected that HTC Windows 8 tablet will come soon in Q3 or Q4 this year.

HTC Windows 8 Tablet Rumors

Now let me take you to the rumor gallery of what HTC is going to update the tablet line up with.

HTC reportedly found in manufacturing two Windows 8 tablet. One with 7 inch display and another with 12 inch display. Microsoft is already rumored into manufacturing of 7 inch Surface tablet but people will go for HTC one because its price will be cheaper for sure.

HTC Windows 8 Tablet

HTC will call them as R7 and R12 and I’m very much sure that HTC will do it in a very professional way. Coming to the specs of these two tablets, R12 will have 12 inch display with more than full HD resolution (2014×1536 pixels) and it will have Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU (2.3GHz) at its center. To meet the storage requirements by CPU, it will feature 2GB of RAM and its lineup will start with 16GB internal storage.

While the R7 will feature full HD resolution display (1920×1080 pixels) with Snapdragon processor inside that will have clock speed at least more than 1.4GHz. It will also have 2GB of RAM and its lineup will start with 16GB of internal storage.

Other rumor going out now is that both of these tablets will feature 13 or 8MP camera sensor at rear and HD camera sensor at front. If HTC provides tablet with 8MP or higher sensor camera then it will definitely attract customers.

Upcoming Windows 8 Tablet

There are also rumor about that both of these tablets will operate on upcoming Windows RT Blue operating system. Windows 8 will also receive update this year that is named as Project Blue by Microsoft officials.

But I think that HTC should choose Windows 8 operating system rather than Windows RT because Surface users are finding Windows 8 better than Windows RT.

There are already lots of manufacturers into the manufacturing of android tablets these days that’s why it will be very hard for HTC to make their ground but if they come with Windows 8 then success probability is higher.

Till now no other specifications or features are known or confirmed but you can follow our blog to get all the updates regarding these two tablets.

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